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About Us

What we are?

Al Nojoom Cleaning equipment has been trusted in professional distribution of high quality commercial cleaning equipment and machines to different industries in UAE since 2010.
Based in Ajman, but with a client base across many sectors, throughout UAE, we guarantee that we have the standards that are offered by none other. Reassuring quality control, a fully flexible commercial office cleaning service, is what sets us apart. Al Nojoom has successfully expanded both its product range and its reach to all over the UAE.
At Al Nojoom Cleaning Equipment, we will provide you with reliable, best quality, cost effective cleaning products customized to your precise needs, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities or your guests with peace of mind.
As they say,” from small things big things grow,” and from what can only be described as humble beginning things sure did grow. Since our establishment as a modest, small-scale vendor of minor maintenance equipment, we have grown to the glories of manufacturing of our own wide range of units of various scopes in large scale. Our Strong focus on quality service and customer satisfaction, helped us develop and maintain long-term relationships with some of the premier clients in UAE.
As we look to the future, it is evident that there is a need to evolve and adapt to the market changes continually. At the same time, it is obvious some things will never change. We will always hold our mission, honesty, and quality of service and product, as we believe these are the driving blocks of the yesterday and the tomorrow.


We are one of the leading suppliers of well-known brands in cleaning machineries like Roots, Alberti and Bayersan etc. Our product rage includes scrubber dryers, sweepers and truck-mounted sweepers etc.
Our products are on display at the company’s showroom, and a full-fledged service center is operational with ample stock of spare parts to provide after service and support. We also intend to launch a range of janitorial and professional High pressure cleaner ass part of our endeavor to offer complete cleaning solutions.


All our staff understands that they have an important role to play in the success of your organization. Our sales teams at Al Nojoom Cleaning are ready to guide and provide expertise to you when it comes to recognizing the machinery and equipment suitable for your scope of work. Technical support and service are handled by our skillful team of mechanics. Our products and services provide the link between tough routine cleaning assignments and the best way to handle them. Quality – from constant development is built into all our solutions.