Features of a Powerful Carpet Cleaner

Only a powerful carpet extractor will be able to provide advanced cleaning and refresh the aesthetics of your carpet. It is essential to know the basic features of a carpet cleaner available in the market. Here are five basic features to look for in an extractor.

Most commercial units and offices use attractive carpets to make the flooring smooth and complementary to the interior works. However, there may be some unnoticed corners or areas that contain certain dirt or other tough stains. Although you might be having a premium carpet system and regular vacuum cleaning, the carpets will require spot cleaning and restoration to maintain them properly. Powerful carpet cleaners and extractors will help can remove stains deep inside the carpet without causing any damage. A carpet cleaner first sprays water or chemical solution to the carpet surface and extract stain marks through scrubbing. Although the features of a carpet extractor vary depending upon the manufacturer, there are few basic characteristics to look for before buying a carpet cleaner:

Features of a Powerful Carpet Cleaner

Power Supply

Carpet cleaners generally include a cord-electric form of power supply. The cord length usually is 25 feet and this needs to be managed during the cleaning process to ensure it is connected to the power source. The other form of carpet cleaning equipment is battery-operated, which offers enhanced productivity due to its ease of use. However, the run time of these carpet cleaners will be limited to their battery capacity.

Temperature Control

Sometimes carpet cleaners may include onboard heaters to control the solution temperature. Spraying hot cleaning solution to the carpet can help in improving the cleaning process and reducing the overall process time for stain removal. However, as not all carpets will be heat-tolerant, it is important to determine your carpet type before buying a cleaner.


Carpet extractors usually contain two or three-stage motors that control airflow from the machines. A three-stage motor cleaner can offer an unrestricted air supply that helps to dry up the carpet faster with quick water recovery. The motor type impacts efficiency of the machine.

Water Pressure

This factor defines the power of the carpet cleaner’s sprayer. The water pressure is usually indicated in PSI or pounds per square inch. A normal carpet cleaner will have a pressure of about 100 to 500 PSI. In some advanced equipment, the pressure level can be up to 1200 PSI that makes the cleaning process deep and reliable.

Water Lift

In simple terms, water lift refers to the power of the carpet cleaner to suction and pull out water from the carpet surface. It is measured in inches as to how many inches the water can be sucked up into the tube. A carpet cleaner with a higher water lift will be powerful in suctioning and absorbing the dirty water from the carpet surface. This factor will determine the cleaning power of the machine and the time taken for drying the carpet.