Liquid Bleach

Liquid Bleach

Al Nojoom’s liquid bleach is an all-purpose, all-surface cleaning highly concentrated product that has been specially formulated to kill germs and remove even the toughest of stains. Manufactured using eco-friendly chemicals that ensure the highest levels of cleanliness, our product is contact friendly. It is compatible with a variety of equipment, including washing machines, protecting them from rapid degeneration. Additionally, our liquid bleach is suitable for all types of water. Its inherent properties make them extremely powerful cleaners that can break up items such as dirt, oils, and other forms of stains commonly found in clothes, dishes, and other surfaces. Lastly, the product is embedded with some powerful antiseptic properties making them highly effective against bacteria commonly found in household clothing items.

Our liquid bleach is a chlorine-based solution that is recommended for general disinfection and stain removal. The primary ingredient in the product is sodium hypochlorite which is highly effective in eliminating bacteria and whitening white fabrics. Although the product is skin-friendly, we advise all users to wear rubber gloves and adequate eyewear while using undiluted liquid bleach. Also, be sure to store the product, like other commercial cleaning chemicals, in properly ventilated spaces away from direct sunlight and heat. For more information about the product or to place an order, send us an inquiry today!

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