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A heavy duty carpet cleaner machine helps in keeping carpets clean and well-maintained and creates a lasting impression to guests and visitors. It reflects your attentiveness towards maintaining a clean and hygienic space. At Al Nojoom Cleaning Equipments, we take pride in providing a reliable and sturdy carpet cleaner machine for commercial and industrial uses. They are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology that can easily eliminate even the toughest stains and residue that is often found in carpets. All our products are available at highly competitive prices in the UAE and are tested for safety and quality.

The process of sourcing an optimal solution for cleaning tasks is an important factor for any business. This is why we have tailored our product line to precisely meet your requirements. As experts in the cleaning industry, we specialize in offering a wide range of products, including semi-professional dry and wet extractors, single motor carpet cleaner, and two motor basic carpet cleaner. To know more about our commercial and industrial carpet cleaners, send us an inquiry today!

Understanding the Difference Between Carpet Cleaner & Extractor

Commercial carpet cleaners and extractors are often mistaken to be the same thing. Although their cleaning mechanism applies to water and cleaning solutions, the two vary in terms of usability. Knowing when to use which machine will grant you better results depending on your carpet situation. Carpet extractors generally are more thorough than their counterparts which do the bare minimum.

  • Carpet extractors are built to eliminate dust found in inner carpet layers whereas carpet cleaners address only the surface.
  • Carpet cleaners work best for carpets with short fur.
  • Carpet extraction takes a significantly longer time than carpet cleaners.

How to Choose a Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner

Commercial Carpet cleaning extractors use water, pressure, and suction to remove embedded dirt. It sprays water, brushes carpet, and vacuums off the wetness. Here's how you can you choose a heavy duty carpet cleaner

  • Determine the size of the space.
  • Water gallon capacity.
  • Watts voltage for water heating.
  • Brush bristles in terms of density and resilience.
  • Waste tank volume.
  • Hose dimensions as well as that of the chord.
  • Deep cleaning technology.
  • Wand inches.


A semi-professional wet and dry extractor suitable for both soft and hard floorings. It can also be used across fabrics and upholstered furniture.


An easy to use stain and odor removal machine with powerful rotator brushes. It features a sizeable water tank and a sleek design.


A two motor basic carpet cleaner ideal to use for domestic carpet cleaning and scrubbing. Its compact design allows easy access below beds and other furniture items.


Ideal for Dry carpet cleaning operations


A robust carpet cleaner used for various industrial purposes. It is designed with an ergonomic handle and has a tank capacity of 33 Litres.

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