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Al Nojoom Cleaning Equipments is one of the leading cleaning chemical suppliers in Dubai. Composed of highly experienced professionals, we strive to consistently surpass clients' expectations across a broad range of industries. The team is highly responsive and works around the clock to cater to all your requests. Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation as one of the most trusted industrial and commercial cleaning chemicals suppliers and have diversified our product range. We now deliver the widest variety of cleaning chemicals, including all-purpose cleaner, antiseptic disinfectant, concrete tile cleaner, carpet shampoo, and heavy-duty degreaser.

As one of Dubai’s leading cleaning chemicals supplier, we take pride in stocking a wide range of high-quality cleaning and janitorial equipment. Our commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly and free from toxic substances. This further ensures a clean, safe and healthy environment. It also provides your customers with the best possible impression of your business. So, to keep your premises well-maintained to the highest levels of standards, be sure always to have the right cleaning chemicals from the right supplier. Our expansive inventory has a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals to suit various requirements. Send us an inquiry today to learn more about our products.

Why Choose Us

Al Nojoom Cleaning Equipments is a leading chemical cleaning supplier in Dubai. Our goal is to deliver high-quality products that deliver stellar results while being affordable. Below we enlist a few reasons why you should choose us when buying industrial or commercial cleaning chemicals.

Affordable Prices

We believe high quality doesn’t have to come at a high price. Therefore, all our products are made affordable to suit every budget.


We have an extensive range of cleaning chemicals and other products under one roof in Dubai. It allows us to meet varied needs efficiently.

Quality-Tested Products

As mentioned, we ensure no compromise on the quality delivered despite our affordable prices. Therefore, we test all our products for safety and quality.

Technical Support

We are among the reputed cleaning chemicals suppliers in the UAE with a dedicated team to handle any queries or requests regarding your purchase.

Difference Between General Purpose and Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals play an essential role in our daily lives, be it at home or in the office. By safely and effectively eliminating tough stains, germs, bacteria, and other contaminants, it prevents the spread of infectious diseases and the development of allergens such as dust and mold. Let us now understand the difference between the normal and commercial cleaning chemicals.

  • General purpose cleaners are suitable for homes, whereas industrial cleaning chemicals are ideal across applications such as manufacturing factories and warehouses.
  • General purpose cleaners are highly effective in degreasing hard surface floors. Industrial cleaners, however, are suitable for specific types of surfaces such as metals.
  • General purpose cleaners are milder in comparison to industrial cleaning chemicals.

Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid

Eliminate germs and bacteria on your workstation using our quality tested and approved antiseptic disinfectant.

Carpet Shampoo Liquid

Clean tough stains and other contaminants on your carpet with our effective carpet shampoo. Free of harsh chemicals that would otherwise damage quality.

Concrete Tile Cleaner Liquid

Tile grout is no match for our resilient concrete cleaners. Bid farewell to old, hazy surfaces and welcome spotless, bright tiles.

Dishwash Liquid

We offer quality dishwashing liquid that you can use manually or with a dishwasher machine. Infused with fresh scents, to keep your kitchen inviting.

Handsoap Liquid-White

Safeguard the hygiene of your visitors and clients using our trusted handsoap liquid. It eliminates bacteria and keeps the skin nourished.

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Our heavy-duty greaser is designed to eliminate tough grease stains often found on industrial appliances. It's easy to clean and guarantees a spotless surface.

Liquid Bleach

Bring life to your dull and old clothes with our liquid bleach. It is gentle on clothes, ensuring zero damage with each wash.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Our all-purpose cleaner is used in cleaning counter surfaces and floors. It is gentle enough to ensure zero damage but effective in cleaning dirt and grease.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Our toilet bowl cleaner helps keep the bowl clean and free from any stains. This further creates a positive and hygienic environment for users.

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