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Chewing rum remnants stuck to floors, carpets, and other surfaces is a major issue faced by industrial and commercial cleaning professionals. Al Nojoom Cleaning Equipments offers effective gum removal machines with modern technologies in Dubai. Built with innovative technologies, these chewing gum removers are perfect for the proper extraction of hardened and dried gum wads that are difficult to remove. For efficient cleaning of the surface, our branded chewing gum removal machines combine the power of pressure, steam and concentrated cleaning solution. The high-pressure heated system can effectively act on the adhesiveness of the gum remnants to extract it fully.

For quicker and effortless removal of gum wads, choosing the right gum remover according to floor type and material is important. As these cleaning equipment uses a heating system instead of scrubbing using industrial cleaning chemicals, they can remove gums safely without damaging the surface. Using less water and time, you can be sure of effective gum removal in an eco-friendly way. Our wide range of high-power chewing gum removal machines are manufactured by international brands from across the globe featuring the latest technologies. Make your commercial or industrial cleaning process efficient using our high-end gum removal machines in the UAE.

Ecogum Midi chewing Gum Removal Machine


Eco Gum MIDI is a comfortable self-contained backpack worn by the operative allowing for complete freedom of movement & ease of use for the removal of gum, oil, rubber & sticky labels.It is very efficient for removing guns or oily in any surface area with service pack

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