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Al Nojoom Cleaning Equipments is a one-stop-shop for all your industrial steam cleaning machines requirements in Dubai. Although the surfaces at your home or industrial area might be regularly cleaned, the role of our steam cleaner machine plays a vital in eliminating bacteria and germs that form over time. Owing to our non- steep quotations, we ensure to provide our steam cleaning machine at a price that meets everyone's needs. Moreover, we also provide professional advice to our clientele, enabling them to make the most befitting selection. As an unrivaled steam cleaner machine supplier in Dubai, we aim to provide products that meet the highest level of standards in terms of quality and reliability. They result in better and longer-lasting protection against germs, therefore keeping the environment clean and safe. If you seek to learn more about our product range, feel free to reach out to our team.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Machines


Our steam cleaning machine is environmentally friendly and also safe for workers. It is widely used across food processing companies and restaurants in Dubai, both being our leading clients.

Clean Hard to Move Dirt

Stubborn contaminants melt away instantly under our effective industrial steam cleaning machines. Everything from grease to fat layers is satisfactorily removed.

Save Time

Unlike other tiresome cleaning procedures, our steam cleaning machine available at reasonable price works much faster and effectively. What water and soap cannot achieve is doable with our domestic and industrial steam cleaning machine.

Kill Germs and Bacteria

Apart from ridding off dirt, our industrial steam cleaning equipment or machines kills unseen bacteria. Keep your work environment fresh and free of foul smells with our steam cleaner in Dubai.

TSM Durasteam 22

A steam generator cleaning machine indicated for both domestic and industrial use thanks to its high performance. It is equipped with many accessories that make it suitable to use in restaurants across Dubai.

TSM Durasteam 22 Plus

TSM DURASTEAM 22 PLUS is a steam generator ideal for a complete cleaning and sanification of all those professional work environments, which are subject to HACCP regulations.

TSM Duravac Inject & Extract 21

An industrial steam cleaning machine ideal for comprehensive cleaning and sanitization of professional work environments that are subject to HACCP regulations.

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