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Al Nojoom Cleaning Equipments products comprise of comprehensive cleaning solutions, including the most sought-after industrial floor sweeper machine in UAE. Our products are highly suitable for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and domestic cleaning requirements in Dubai. They are backed by critical research and design insights to suit specific conditions and reflect international styling. Be it the walk behind floor sweeper machines or the industrial floor sweeper machine, as a reliable industrial sweeper supplier, we ensure to keep your facility clean with our wide range of products. Choose our high-quality machines, from top brands like Roots road sweeper & industrial sweeper machine in UAE, designed to withstand even the toughest working environment.

A clean and well-maintained floor is essential to protect the equipment as well as workers. While brooms and dustpans are excellent for domestic spaces, they are certainly not practical to utilize across large areas. Hence, an industrial sweeper is recommended as it allows the user to sweep the floor and dispose of the waste collected efficiently. Our industrial floor sweeper scrubber machine in UAE uses its powerful sweeping brush that helps collect loose material and deposits it under the sweeping unit. Whether you are looking for a manual walk behind sweeper or industrial sweeper, we can cater to various industries across Dubai. Send us an inquiry, and we'll be in touch.

Roots Sweep B70

Industrial floor or road sweeper machine in UAE equipped with a larger sweep brush for cleaning inaccessible corners. Fitted with smooth, rubber non-marking wheels.

RSB 6000

A high-performance truck inbuilt with broom and vacuum functions to act like a large sweeper scrubber machine for mobile cleaning in UAE. Efficient for large-scale operations.


Dual broom industrial sweeper machine that provides manifold cleaning. Fitted with tread wheels for non-slippery grip while using.


This heavy-duty industrial sweeper scrubber machine comprise sophisticated dual broom system for effective commercial cleaning in UAE. It offers advanced grip over the surface with tread wheels.


Experience hassle-free cleaning of indoor and outdoor spaces in the UAE with the TSM medium road sweeper machine in UAE. Equipped with steering wheel control and an easy-to-use dashboard.


Another efficient road sweeper scrubber machine from TSM to perform various outdoor or indoor cleaning works easily. Get advanced control with flexible steering wheel system and a comfortable dashboard.


Similar to the TSM 115 designs, these industrial floor sweeper machine include a dumpster system. Efficient sweeping with effective waste collection.


Perform commercial cleaning works effectively using this TSM road sweeper scrubber machine in UAE to clean and collect waste simultaneously into its dumpster system.


Latest TSM road sweeper machine that allows to clean and accumulate the waste at the same time into its large dump tank. Perfect for complex commercial or industrial cleaning.


This sweeper scrubber machine in UAE eradicates debris, waste, and dust particles through mechanical-suction. Special technology enabling noise-free function.


High-end road sweeper machine to eradicate dust, and debris from floors, roads or other outdoor spaces using mechanical-suction. Advanced technology that provides silent functioning.

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