ROOTS B 4550

ROOTS B 4550
Technical Specifications:
Description  Units  Values
Scurbbing width   mm   500
Effective suction width  mm   850
Theoretical area coverage  m2/h   2000
working speed, up to  km/h   4
Battery Rating  V/Ah   12/96
Airflow rate   L/sec   28
Vacuum pressure   mm of H2O   1087
power supply  V    24
Total power  W   100
Brush motor  W   720
Vacuum motor power  W/A   420/18
No. of brush  No.   1
Diameter of brush   mm   500
Brush speed  rpm    180
Brush load   kg   25
Fresh water tank   L   45
Dirty water tank   L   45
Dimensions( L x W x H )  mm   1360x545x1140 
Total weight empty / with battery   kg   82/200
Total weight ready to operate  kg   250
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