TSM GRANDE BRIO-75-650-Ecoray

TSM GRANDE BRIO-75-650-Ecoray

TSM Grande Brio 75 ride on scrubber dryer has the option of being fitted with the innovative Ecoray System, which uses ultraviolet energy to tackle any microorganisms left behind after cleaning.
With this special cleaning machine users can cut costs and saves energy, because it washes, dries and sanitizes the floor at the same time with the usage of UV lights emitter. There is no need of adding extra chemicals, to achieve an outstanding level of cleanliness. On top of that the Ecoray System improves the indoor air quality and assists in eliminating organic odors. The UV light exposure inactivates microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses by altering the structure and the molecular bonds of their DNA.

The TSM GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-650 Ecoray scrubber dryer has been developed to meet the SMART features: 

• the Ecoray System works automatically once the user switch on the brush; • the Ecoray System allow the user to save chemical costs and to achieve a even higher cleaning result;
• the Ecoray System allows to sanitize the floor as destroys all colonies of bacteria on a single wipe, and prevents the proliferation of germs;
• its compactness allows to pass through traditional doors and to mount on standard elevators;
• the parabolic squeegee is placed behind brushes in order to provide high performances: the machine is more maneuverable and its total length is reduced;
• the front-wheel drive allows the machine to get over remarkable slopes and to claim greater holding on wet floor;
• it has a robust steel chassis;
• the easy access to all internal components of machine make it possible to reduce maintenance cost;
its unique design.

The scrubber drier GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-650 ECORAY is preferred by hospitals, laboratories, kindergartens, and rehabilitation centers, where the elimination of bacterial load is essential

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  • Life time UV source 9000 h
  • ECORAY® system power 100 microW/mm2
  • Brushes size 4 x 205 mm
  • Brush rpm 190 rpm
  • Brush motor power 4 x 100 W
  • Squeegee width 750 mm
  • Water lift 1590 mm H2O
  • Vacuum motor power (stages) 490 (3) W
  • Brushes pressure 28 kg
  • Traction motor power 700 (frontal) W
  • Total power 1340 W
  • Battery charger 24V - 15A
  • Max battery capacity (DIN) 150 (Wet) Ah/s
  • Batteries compartment (LxWxH) 400x420x325 mm
  • Maximum slope 5 %
  • Maximum speed 5 Km/h
  • Noise level 73 db (A)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 1150x780x1430 mm
  • Weight without batteries 158 kg
  • Weight with batteries 270 kg
  • Packaging (LxWxH) 1200x800x1590 mm

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