The "mechanical-suction" street sweeper TSM ITALA 135, is maneuverable and much quieter than the traditional urban machines, and represents a new concept of road cleaning machine particularly suitable for cleaning private and public spaces, including sidewalks, areas pedestrian and historical centers. The electric road sweeper TSM ITALA 135 is environmental friendly because all the functions are electric and the noise is reduced only to the brushes on the ground, offering the possibility to work at any time of the day or night.
TSM ITALA 135 is defined as a "mechanical" sweeper because it collects waste by the central brush in a 135 LT bin and at the same time is a "suction" sweeper also thanks to its powerful filtering system able to guarantee total filtration PM10 fine dust, even in the absence of water, freeing clean air in the environment during all the time of use.
The electric sidewalk sweeper TSM ITALA 135 is also incredibly versatile because it can be used both as a walk behind model, as with the operator on board, with the addition of the charriot, offering the possibility to drive for long distances. It is also equipped with a wander suction hose for vacuuming bulky waste, reaching narrow spaces, such as flower beds, side benches, etc.
TSM ITALA 135 has been designed with the intention of offering a long working autonomy that exceeds the daily shift before having to recharge the batteries.
Its compactness, effectiveness and ease of use, thanks to the possibility of driving by inexperienced people without a driving license, make the TSM ITALA 135 Zero Emissions street sweeper unbeatable in cleaning city centers, pedestrian areas, parking lots, cycle paths, parks and public gardens.


  • Supply
    Battery 24 V
  • Traction
  • Sweeping range with central brush 600 mm
  • Sweeping range with 1 side brush 925-975 mm
  • Sweeping range with 2 side brushes 1250-1350 mm
  • Total power
    1900 W
  • Maximum slope
    20 %
  • Maximum speed
    6,5 km/h
  • Steering range
    2800 mm
  • High dump
  • Dust control with water
  • Water tank capacity
    30 l
  • Filtering surface
    3 m2
  • Filter type
    Polyester panel
  • Filter cleaning system
    24 V
  • Noise level
    70 dB(A)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    2000x1270x1140 mm
  • Weight without batteries
    350 kg
  • Packaging (LxWxH)
    2300x1100x1200 mm

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