Ride-On Scrubber Dryers

Industrial facilities and large commercial units such as warehouses, shopping centres, or parking areas need an efficient floor cleaning machine along with effective commercial cleaning chemicals to get the job done in less time. A powerful ride-on scrubber-dryer is an ideal equipment to clean large and scarcely furnished spaces efficiently. Al Nojoom Cleaning Equipments features a wide selection of industrial scrubber dryers in Dubai with a comfortable ride-on facility. Fitted with powerful battery powered systems, these scrubber-dryers have a longer running capacity to offer effective cleaning for long hours. The ergonomic seating and control panel design of these professional cleaning machines offer the machine operator a smooth and comfortable experience.

Our range of ride-on industrial cleaning equipment is suitable for varied floor types, including rough concrete floors. Using high-quality scrub brushes, these ride-on scrubbers and dryers act as an effective degreaser and stain remover from the hard floors. Available in varied sizes, these industrial floor cleaning equipment can effectively clean hard-to-reach areas inside industries and companies. The strong vacuuming power and large tanks of these ride-on scrubber-dryer enable deep-cleaning for a long period without the need to empty the residue tank. Explore our range of ride-on scrubber dryers available at reasonable prices in the UAE.


The TSM GRANDE BRIO 75-800 is a professional scrubber dryer.


Constituted by two central cylindrical brushes and one frontal brush to convey dirt.

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