Constituted by two central cylindrical brushes and one frontal brush to convey dirt, the TSM GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-C62 scrubber dryer is easy to operate and maintain and helps improve a facility's image by providing consistent, heavy-duty cleaning results. Available with double frontal brushes also, this industrial ride on can clean up to 3200 sqm for three non-stop hours, delivering unmatched performance in commercial areas. Manufactured with high-quality materials, TSM GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-C62 scrubber dryer is robust and reliable ensuring further reduction in running costs.

The TSM GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-C62 scrubber dryer has been developed to meet the SMART features:

the use is very simple, the console clearly shows the combinations of operations that can be set;
• the scrubbing deck that stands out on the right side of the equipment allows the user to clean and dry along borders;
Rear wheel-drive on 1 wheel allows the machine to get over remarkable slopes;
Extreme maneuverability between walls and corners, it can even pass through traditional doors;
• it has a robust steel chassis;
• the easy access to all internal components of machine make it possible to reduce maintenance cost;
• its unique design.

GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-C62 scrubber dryer is the perfect equipment for cleaning offices, restaurants, bars, Industrial sites, schools, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping malls, logistical depots, cleaning companies, and multi services.

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  • Brushes size cil. 2 x 100 x 610 mm
  • Brush rpm 210 rpm
  • Brush motor power 2 x 500 W
  • Squeegee width 850 mm
  • Water lift 1590 mm H2O
  • Vacuum motor power (stages) 490 (3) W
  • Brushes pressure 0-30 kg
  • Traction motor power 450 (rear) W
  • Total power 2040 (2140) W
  • Battery charger 24V - 15A
  • Max battery capacity (DIN) 150 (Wet) Ah/s
  • Batteries compartment (LxWxH) 400x420x325 mm
  • Maximum slope 5 %
  • Maximum speed 5 Km/h
  • Steering range 1500 mm
  • Noise level 73 db (A)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 1150x780x1430 mm
  • Weight without batteries 183 kg
  • Weight with batteries 305 kg
  • Packaging (LxWxH) 1200x800x1590 mm

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