The TSM GRANDE BRIO 55 BT is a professional scrubber dryer designed for cleaning floors in medium to large spaces such as warehouses, industrial warehouse and supermarkets.
This professional floor scrubber  ensure a cleaning path 550 mm with double brushes at the front, which guarantees high productivity and makes it possible to cover more surface in less time.
With this industrial cleaning machine, cleaning operations can start after just 3 quick and easy steps: just fill up the solution tank with water and detergent, fit the brush and lower the squeegee to start operating.

The TSM GRANDE BRIO 55 BT scrubber dryer is defined as SMART because:

the use is intuitive, there are only two switches, one for turning on the brush and the second for the vacuum;
• the handle height can be adjusted in multiple positions also during use, as much for the user height than for reaching narrow rooms;
• the traction versions can go forward and reverse and they are  equipped with the knob for the speed adjustments;
has a parabolic squeegee behind the brush that dries perfectly even on bends;
• the water flow regulation, the squeegee lifting are fully mechanical;
• it offers a complete visibility on scrubber group for the easy cleaning along wall borders;
• the maintenance is effortless thanks to fast and easy access to tanks, filter, battery, and squeegee blades.

TSM GRANDE BRIO 55 BT is the perfect machine for cleaning supermarkets, malls, hospitals, restaurants, wellness centers, school classrooms, chemist's shops, rest homes, theatres, kitchens, workshops, butcher's shops, train and subway stations, airports, hotels.

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  • Brushes size
    2 x 280 mm
  • Brush rpm
    140 rpm
  • Brush motor power
    2 x 200 W
  • Squeegee width
    650 mm
  • Water lift
    1590 mm H2O
  • Vacuum motor power (stages)
    490 (3) W
  • Brushes pressure
    30 kg
  • Traction motor power
    200 W
  • Total power
    1090 W
  • Battery charger
  • Max battery capacity (DIN)
    120(Wet)/105(Gel) Ah/s
  • Batteries compartment (LxWxH)
    365x365x320 mm
  • Maximum slope
    2 %
  • Maximum speed
    5 km/h
  • Noise level
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    1000x720x960 mm
  • Weight without batteries
    72 kg
  • Weight with batteries
    152 kg
  • Packaging (LxWxH)
    1060x670x1100 mm

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